What are our schools teaching kids today? Get what ever you can for free?

This is too good to not share :slight_smile:

I did an inspection yesterday for a young lady and found evidence of tainted drywall. My client decides to not purchase the home. Today she sends me the following email:

"Good afternoon Richard Ross:

I have decided to not move forward with this home based on your home inspection. Please advise if I will be charged for same due to the fact that you found possible contamination of Chinese drywall during your inspection or if once I find a new home, will you do the inspection free of charge. I look forward to your response. Thank you. K."


Tell her you generally charge double for the second inspection and offer her a 50% discount. :wink:

Tell her you’re running a special this month, with 10 inspections you get free sesame noodles! :roll:

Wow, and if she orders a burger at 5 guys and decides not to finish her meal she will ask if the next meal is free right?

I have heard similar questions most recently "if we don’t buy get the home (3 bidders) will you refund our money?

Its a shame really, how does a person feel so entitled?

Mike- do not answer that:mrgreen:

Liberals act all conservative when its their money Paul. :wink:

Tell her it’s your twice half price special. I offer that all the time when people are really trying to push discounts or freebies :smiley:

The cheek of her, I offer 10% discount for such circumstances because I’m nice…

I agree with you on that;-)

And your response was?

I wouldn’t be so quick to give a response.
IMO, I’d tell her to call when she has another contract & we’ll discuss.
Then you can tell her your fee. I doubt another inspector will do it for no fee.

I explain to them as nicely as possible I have to get paid every-time I work or I get in trouble with the wife :slight_smile:

I almost never work for free unless it is for a real charity, friend, neighbor or family and then I normally end up regretting it.

I emailed the young lady back and told her I didn’t understand the question and to call me.When she called back, it turns out the question she was asking was if I’d give her a discount on her next home inspection. I hope her profession is not that of a court reporter!

There is a inspector here in Maine that will do the inspection for free if within 30 days of the first inspection…

Her agent probably advised her to ask you, because the REA is trying to save the client some money due to the second inspection. A discount, maybe.

Home inspectors are so gullible these days. Just like our government.

You mean that I have been doing it wrong for the last five years? The first one is free and the second one is going to cost ya.

It’s free only if they let me move in and feed me for free. And I have a lot of stuff and a big appetite.

I offer a set of Walmart steak knives after the 5th inspections

I wonder if it’s this honest guy.
He needs more agent referral work so he can buy & ladder & flashlight.