I came across this during one of my mock or practice inspections. This is a very hot aluminum wiring 220 volt conductor. It is the power supply line for an appliance directly above in the cabinets. The conductor for this is not in a safe junction box with a cover or even in a junction box at all. It has been spliced to provide power to another appliance. Seriously??? Thats not all either…this is in a cabinet below their range oven where they keep baking sheets. Very unsafe.

You just wait. hahaha

What do you mean by “very hot”?

Since this was for a mock inspection how did you write it up?

Which cable is aluminum? I would report 240 volts instead of 220, also it ungrounded.

Not all that uncommon. This was from yesterday:

Here’s one from 2 days ago.
I’m very lucky I didn’t fully open the steel door into the garage.
Would have been electrocuted!

Shocking. :shock: I don’t believe it. :wink:

All kinds of stupid out there.