SERVARE Introduces MyDataBus.Com a Free 2GB File Storage & Sharing Service

MyDataBus**.com will enable everyone to have secure**
online data storage/sharing ability.

Share your digital photos with friends & family!

**At the present time, if someone needs to transfer **
**important large documents from one computer to **
**another at two different locations, they usually use one of the following; email it as an attachment, burn it to a disk, or load it onto a thumb drive. **

With that’s eliminated!

**With you receive 2GB of **
**online storage **FREE!

MyDataBus**.com is a FREE service provided by **
SERVARE Online Back Up**!**

[FONT=Verdana]Go To To Sign Up !![/FONT]

GREAT SERVICE…Guys you have to know a good deal when you see it…

Are you going to be flooded with spam after you sign up?

John McKenna
American Home Inspection

According to the Terms & Conditions you just might…that’s what stopped me from opening a free storage site.

I don’t believe this is the case. The condition as I know it with speaking breifly with Mr. Vondrak is that they are going to fund the free space in exchange for banners ads on it…hey FREE still has a cost.

Heck if you worry about spam…just go open up a Hotmail account…use that and all the spam will go their…not your personal account

I’m not generally worried about spam per se, but this paragraph in the T&C’s or Privacy Policy section just did set well with me ( the bold/underlined is mine):

  • *To ensure our site content is relevant to your needs and interests. *
  • *To deliver services, such as updates, newsletters, pre-delivered content that you request, subscribe to or purchase. *
  • *To allow you access to restricted areas of our site as appropriate. *
    *]To allow advertiser to target your particular interests or activities
    *We may merge site-usage data with anonymous demographic information for research and marketing purposes, and we may use this information in aggregate to provide more relevant content. We occasionally hire other companies to provide services on our behalf, including packaging, mailing and delivering purchases, and delivery of content. We will only provide those companies the information they need to deliver the service, and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose. *

I think that means what advertisers they will be allowed to sell space to it…in other words…they might sell ad space to someone who wants an add on YOUR free site they provide…to target a market.

My thought is…it is not your MAIN side…it is a storage offer…who cares what they put on it…nice place to store tons of images for safe keeping and so on…with no strings attached so to speak.

Paul, do you have an interest in this company?

Paul, I’m a little more suspicious than that. I believe it means they can and will provide your contact information to their advertisers and voilà, there’s the spam. Again, not really that big a deal and I may very well take them up on their free offer.

UPDATE: After all the teeth-gnashing I tried to sign up only to get: *ERROR IN CREATE USER: CONTAINER FILE ERROR! :twisted: *

Good question Ben. Paul, I’m all for free enterprise & members providing services and products to other members but with full disclosure. With your office and Servare’s offices located .5 mile from each other then it raises the question as to whether there is a connection. If there is then I think that’s great but it should be disclosed to all of us. You are a great, great asset to this board so please don’t let mine & Ben’s question put you off.

Are you serious?

Paul lives .5 miles from their office.

This is getting funny.

Where is Perry Mason when you need him? :cool:

John McKenna
American Home Inspection

No, MY Data Bus does not share your E-mail or name with anyone.

The additional demographic info zip code, age, gender, etc. are shared only with businesses wishing to advertise in a given area!



No, MY Data Bus does not share your E-mail or name with anyone.

The additional demographic info zip code, age, gender, etc. are shared only with businesses wishing to advertise in a given area!



Look…Do you THINK for a second I get ANYTHING from this…I don’t get jack…

I hear about it weekly at BNI…and it sounds good so I do not MIND promoting something that helps members…

Amazing…yeah…I make a MILLION dollars a day from them…Good Grief…

AMAZING…so I can’t promote something I hear about weekly in a BNI meeting and he is a friend…so I can’t promote it…I dont GET JACK from it…I have nothing to do with the company…and in fact i dont even have an account with them…because I cant…I still have Dial UP…

I can’t get broadband at my office right now…I promote it because I sit every Wednesday in a meeting at BNI and hear the man talk and he has a passion for what he does…

Now a certain 'MEMBER" is going to accuse ME of having an interest in something…lol…man I dont get a thing…but now I am thinking I should…

Oh well…some things NEVER change…

EDITED: Since I do not know the definition of “PinHead” I will retract it…:wink:

I think if you go back and really read the original post & question you will see that no one is accusing you of any lies and no one is starting any rumors, just simply asking the question. Like I said in my post I fully support your right to talk this business up and I also fully suspected it was a BNI or similar organization thing. Nothing wrong with that at all, no one’s accusing you of anything. Do you see why there could be some questions asked though? Just telling me it’s a BNI thing is all I really need or want to know. Again, I tried to take advantage of the Servare offer only to get the error message.

BTW, I’m not a pinhead, a fathead maybe, but not a pinhead.

I’m confused…where, in my post, do I accuse you of making money off this venture?

Not you…the Mckenna…fella…anyway…again I have nothing to do with it…and BNI is a GREAT organization…it is all about TRUST…Our wednesday group is STRONG and they make efforts to help each other…

As for all you need to know…So what DO you know about BNI…? are you a member of BNI…or have you every been a member of BNI?

The reason I asked was that you quoted and responded to my post so I thought that was directed at me. Anyway…
I was a BNI member last year for about 3 months and liked the meetings. I dropped out mainly because of two things. One, I didn’t feel like I was able to bring to the other members the referrals that I wanted to be able to. And two, my business was taking off for other reasons and I didn’t feel the need to devote the time to BNI. I know a lot of folks swear by them and I think that’s great, they are a really good organization.