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After our fire in December in which we lost computer data, I saw the need for an Offsite Backup Service. A friend recommended SERVARE, and I have been very pleased with the service they provide.

Daryl Gingerich-Town & Country Furniture

With a small business, creating a viable disaster recovery plan can be a daunting task. With SERVARE we are able to get enough storage at a price that small business can afford. Hardware fails and servers die but, with an offsite backup data does not have to be lost. SERVARE provides our company a great offsite backup solution!!"

Daniel J. Cashman
**Information Systems Specialist-The Williamsburg BioProcessing Foundation **

***We have been using SERVARE for the computer backup needs for our law firm. It is comforting to know that our computer files are held and protected ***
for us in an off-site location. If we ever have a computer issue our data is safe and can easily be retrieved. Having SERVARE handle our computer backup
frees us up to better assist our clients. We are quite pleased with the ease of use of the service and would highly recommend SERVARE to anyone who may
need backup services.

**Layman & Nichols, P.C. **Attorneys at Law

SERVARE*** provides a cost effective method to ensure against data loss. In our situation, it is used along with an existing tape backup system done in house.***
The technical support has been excellent. Dennis and Alan have been quick to fix whatever issues or problems have arisen all due to problems created by
***our changes or ISP changes. In the grand scheme of area businesses our data backup level is small but they treat us like a big customer. ***

Terry Weaver, CPA, MSA -Controller -Lee & Associates

I am thrilled that SERVARE has given me the ability to have an automatic backup system and has taken away the daily task of doing an in-house backup.
Even with the backup in a “fire-proof” safe, I still felt vulnerable if a fire were to destroy the office. Very easy set-up, and once done, the backup is seamless.
***The system lets me know each morning if the backup was successful or not. This lets me know if there happened to be a problem with our system or ***
internet link overnight. The benefit to cost is very reasonable and I highly recommend SERVARE and their services.

Terry D. Looney-CPA, Vice President, & CFO-Hospitality Hotel Group

SERVARE’S*** on-line back up solution is ideal for me because it runs automatically, affordable, easy to use and provides “peace of mind”. With an encryption code I input myself, client information and confidentiality are protected to the fullest. A number of months ago my law office suffered through an information loss due to a former employee’s damaging of important files. Restoration of data from hard copies was time consuming and expensive. With SERVARE my files are now backed-up to an off-site location and safe. Thanks go out to SERVARE!***

H. David O’Donnell-Attorney at Law

The thing I like most about SERVARE’S service is the convenience! Once we set the program up, we forgot about it. The fact that the back –up process is automated makes it a great value to us. Thanks!

Karl Waizecker-Agency Manager-ERA Kline &May Realty, Inc.

SERVARE*** is the easiest and most cost effective way I have found to back up my data. Plus it’s done off site, which adds additional security.***

Franklin Blatt-Attorney at Law



I think that it is time to have an affiliate membership for vendors who are not active home inspectors.

What do you think?


Nick provided our company, SERVARE Online Back Up, a membership as a vehicle to provide our valuable service to NACHI members at preferred pricing and because he believes in the concept of our system.

SERVARE is not in the home inspection business!!

But yes, an actual vendor section is a good idea!!


Hi Dennis,

Nothing against you or any other vendor. I know that you are just using the services that Nick offered. It would just be nice to know who is an inspector and who isn’t.

Advertising specials for NACHI members is supposed to be done in the appropriate thread, after approval from the staff.

This is the forum:

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