Server System

I am looking for any positive:) recommendations (sources) or estimates of cost out there from someone experienced with dedicated servers. More specifically based on the following on a lease arrangement:
For software that runs on a Windows 2003 Server or newer, with Internet Information Server, version 6.0 or newer.
• Microsoft IIS Server 6.0 or better
• Windows 2003 Server or newer (32-bit x86 version)
• . NET Framework version 3.5; or download available here:
ASP.NET State Server active in the Services panel
• MS Access DBMS with ODBC Drivers or SQL Server DBMS with OLE Drivers
• Internet/Intranet connectivity depending on expected student/user volume

Claude, I can’t help you, but I would post this over in the computer “geek” thread also. :wink:

Thanks, will do!