Server to Busy

It seems that I am getting this message on a regular basis now. Is it time to upgrade?

I hear ya.

I’m getting the same.


Me too, hope this isn’t gonna be how the day goes. I may have to do something else a little more productive for the day.


same here

I’m getting the same thing.

Too many people showing up for the party today. I have been getting the same message for a few days but today has been really bad.

Gonna be a long day.

The volume of queries are like a DOS attack

Getting the same thing, this is going to make this interesting!

Maybe we can do this party alphabetically. Lets start with the C’s first.

Very frustrating

Just got back in after a 20 minute wait. This is going to suck.

23 min here

Sent Nick a quick message. Maybe they can reset the server.
We will wait and see.

It’s been off and on for me :frowning:

InterNACHI forum traffic jam still, severs still busy!

Guess they should of saved the money spent in gifts and used it to upgrade there servers!