Server too busy again?

Getting the server too busy when clicking on New Post. Time for a server upgrade Nick!

This has been reoccurring with a disturbing frequency.

If there have been any explanations I have not seen them.

Again and again and again. It’s been happening on my end often over the last few weeks, when I click “new post”.

Yeah… but the IM button (bottom right) is finally working!! -------------->>

Get it too very often

It is finally gone from my phone!! Whoooot!!!

We’re added several new servers in about 3 hours that will be dedicated exclusively to the message board. That should address the server load issues we’ve been having lately.

Thanks Chris ,That’s what happens when so many love NACHI big time .

We’re also running an older version of the forum software, which is starting to show its age. Unfortunately, moving 2 million posts to a different piece of software is a seriously big task, and it would mean making everyone learn new software, so we’ve been hesitant to make the move. It’ll probably have to happen this year, though.

Thanks Chris, running fast today!

I should hope so! We decommissioned one old server and replaced it with 5 new ones :slight_smile:

Chris, what is the meaning of your avatar?

That happened a long long time ago. I will never tell.

Well that narrows it down a bit.

Nice, keep up the great work! running like changing a channel :stuck_out_tongue: