Service disconnect before meter

200 amps left of the meters, power comes down and to the breaker then to the meters and out to the smaller panels. Am I right that the small 60 amp panels are now remote distribution panels that feed other RDPs? I don’t see many breakers before the meters.

That 200 amp is a disconnect. Grounds and neutrals are probably isolated or run straight through. Each service after meter is its own. I’ve gone both ways on this, but I’ve had electricians say they should be wired as subs and others say wired as main service. Good luck

This is just why I threw this out here to see what any one has to say. :wink: Thanks

Given the arrangement of disconnect and meter enclsosure I would guess that this could be considered a meter disconnect not a service disconnect according to 230.82(3).

So Robert are the smaller panels (each was a 60 amp disconnect only, no other breakers) then considered the main disconnects and not RDPanels?

Take a look here, generally this is a utility company design issue.

Thanks Robert that was a great help and explains a lot of what I was seeing. Funny I did not see that link as I hunted for an hour before posting here looking for something just like that. Thanks again.

Am I wrong to think opening up each of those panels like that is going above and beyond the standards? Granted it does not hurt if you have the time…but is it necessary? Unless each of those are missing covers…but that is a whole different story…

Technically, you don’t have to open a panel cover, but are you providing the best service for your client? Also, you don’t have to walk a roof, but most do because issues are more easily spotted. The SOP are a minimum level of service. You could do everything to the minimum, but…

Funny there was 3 other panels that aren’t in the photo and I opened those as well but it was not a minimum charge, I knew there was a few in this place from online, sooooo. :wink: