Service disconnect question

Hard to see from the pictures, but the right side of the breaker on the bottom side appears to be burned. The left side is not.

Is this a concern? And what might have caused it?

5060 King Arthur Ave Davie(Pasat) 048.jpg

Good catch Will, probably a loose connection.

I think what you’re looking at there is the “arc chute” of that older style Cutler Hammer main breaker. It aparently either took a lightning hit once, or cleared a hard bolted type fault one or several times. As an electrician, if I saw that, I’d highly advise replacement of the breaker.

Agreed with Shunk…not worth second guessing it to the consumer. Defer and have it viewed by a licensed electrician.

as Shunk stated…it could be from a lightning surge, line surge or fault as well but better to be safe than sorry so I would want to look at it more closely personally so defering it to a like minded electrical contractor will serve the clients safety much better.