Service Disconnect

Can someone provide me with the NEC 1993 requirement and location for the service disconnect in a single family home. I would appreciate the code and verbage for these requirements. Thanks in advance for your assistance.:wink:


The disco is set when the service cable cannot be kept ’ as short as practical’ inside the house.

Can you explain the setup better?

Appreciate the feedback but am interested in what the NEC 1993 requirements were for the disco location (exact wording). I understand that the disco should be installed at the nearest point where the service cables enter the home. Inspected a 2005 home, no disco at exterior, service cable run 40’ under home to panel on other side of house in garage. The municipality was under 1993 NEC for electrical code when home built.

Just got a PM from Paul Abernathy (the GURU) with the info I needs. Thanks.

Call NFPA 1-617-770-3000 and ask for the Morgan Library. I believe Article 230, Services, Part F Service Equipment Disconnecting Means is what you should ask for.