Service entrance clearance to metal chimney?

Service entrance passes within about 12" to 15" from a metal woodstove chimney. The local utility list a clearance of 3’ 6" above this sort of roof but makes no mention of clearance from a chimney.
Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Code wise 12"-15" seems OK to me.

Ask yourself this question…as that Stove Pipe runs through the framing of that dwelling…what is the clearance from combustible material is required on that installation…now since what appears to be Service Drop conductors, which are governed more than likely by the local POCO…and being they are in free air…and quite frankly (guess it is me living in TX now) it looks down right cold in that location…

Also…being you are inspecting an existing dwelling…and chances are this stove has been their for awhile…did you see any signs of damage on the service drop conductors…chances are you did not…so I would not raise a concern about it.