Service Entrance Feeder with a Modified Panel?

The Panel has been modified to allow for the service entrance conductors and conduit. As you can see they are blocking the ungrounded bus bar which would prevent installing breakers. What would be a good recommendation for my client?

Is that a pipe fitting in the panel?

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What do you think you should say?

If that was the main panel, I might say: Run, Forest, Run!!!

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That is pretty much your narrative. Just take out the “as you can see” part.

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Would have been better off without plumbing elbow.

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Yes and without the gaping hole in the metal cabinet. :smirk:

Yes it is, haha

I guess I’ve said it…(:smile:
I see something crazy in every house I go in. No code or standard followed anywhere I inspect.

It sure was.

The elbow just killed it.

Electrical Service Equipment Panels can not be modified.
Don’t waste much time on writing this up. Likely bigger fish to fry downstream.