Service Entrance Panels

Why are Service entrance panels installed on the exterior of
buildings in the USA?
In Canada we install them inside the building.

Depends on where you are in the U.S. Most in my area are installed inside Basements or garages.

Most of the service entrance conductors are also pole / aeriel drops here… Lateral installs are in the suburbs of Chicago… Depends on where again…

I think it depends on what the local jurisdiction wants and who follows what code system… It can be very confusing at times…:roll:

There is a perception that an outside disconnect is safer. It does give the firemen a place to shut down the power. OSHA rules pretty much say they can’t pull a hot meter.

Personally…it is not a issue of Canada or US…heck we have installed both indoor panels and outdoor panels…they have panels rated for both…but as Pat said…in many areas of the country things are done more than others…in VA we see both…personally I don’t like them outside but IF i had to do an install that way…I would do it.

The issue is in the rating…if its rated for outdoors…thats fine…but again my preference is indoors…lol…

Thanks for the information.