Service entry separation

Texas Standards state.

(5) deficiencies in the insulation of the service entrance conductors, drip loop, separation of conductors at weatherheads, and clearances;

What are the defects regarding “separation of conductors at weather heads”? The conductors are braided to the drip loop and insulated through the weather head.

John…2006 IRC states “E3505.9.4 Service heads shall have conductors of different potential brought out through separately bushed openings”. That’s one potential defect, I’m sure there are more.

Well lets dream em up.

1 - Absence of bushed head (see link)

2 - 2 or more conductors routed through one bushing. Have not seen multiple conductors routed through one bushing. Anyone have a picture of one?

What else is there? If this is the only defect the SoP needs to be rewritten with specifcity to make the requirement clear. Tell me how it works?

Your ActiveRain link doesn’t work…

Jpg attached