Service entry

This can’t be correct? Service entry directly into garage roof?

It’ll be fine… by May!!!:mrgreen:

Appreciate the humor! :smiley:

However, I truly am serious. Just looking for some help as I am finishing the report right now.


No drip loop - no mast head. Defer to electrician or POCO.

How much snow was on the roof?

2-3 inches


Seeing as we received 2 FEET of snow on Saturday alone, I thought it funny that there would be the same on this house, and not on any others:)

I’d write it up…


surely not correct in any fashion…but as a side the snow should help slow the fire allowing the fire dept. a fighting chance…

Service entrance not correct distance off roof surface.
] If mast height exceeds 4 ft, bracing should be considered and no coupling above roof.
] Attachment of SEC to mast of roof should be at least 36 in. off roof or 18 inches if perpendicular.
] Soffit overhang from fascia board to conduit 4 foot max.
I recommend that you have licensed electrician evaluate and make the necessary modifications.

hopes this helps

Jim Ogle

I knew this was an issue. Not sure how this went so long like this. Current owners only lived there for 5 years. How would this get by an inspection? If in fact there was one at all.

Thanks for the replies.

Don’t even ask yourself that question. You’d be surprised how many SE’s I find on an annual basis. I simply write them up.

Here’s my most recent brainless SE installation…

i like the neighbor’s downspout, too :roll:

Ya, at least a third of the water is being conveyed away from the building.

I hope you were not on the roof to take to picture!

Nope. I’m looking out a porch window. See the sash?

David, I think he was talking about the snow covered roof in the original post.

That just blows me away why anyone would have a inspection in two feet of snow. What’s the point?

I think so to David :slight_smile:

I took the picture from a bedroom window. Which was missing a screen, by the way.:wink:

So am I seeing that right the SEC cables are hooked directly to the roof?