Service Lateral

I have a cabin up north from where i live and Wisconsin Public Service put a service box for a service lateral for the property across the road about 15 feet off the road and in the middle of my property.No one called me to tell me they where doing this ,what if i want to put a driveway in where the box is? any one have a clue if they can do this?

Typically, some sort of easement is needed for that sort of thing.

Knowing your location is helpful:

Don’t worry… it’ll be gone as soon as the snowmobiles appear.



If they installed underground burial cable on your property and there are no easements, I’d get on the phone immediately.

I know in this State (NY) roads are built in a 60 foot right of way. so you have a 20 foot wide road that can be located anywhere within that 60 feet. That means you could have as much as 40 feet between your actual property line and the road depending on where that road is located within the right of way. So i would suspect that the service bx in question is actually not on your land.

In Arizona, even if there is an easement/right-of-way, they place items of this nature on the “Property Line”…not in the middle of someones property.

Hi to clairify this there is a pole on 1 side of the property line and a service box on the other side of the property they just placed an other box in the middle of my property which is right across the street from the new driveway for the folks across the street. What they did is the easyist to do but would restrict that area for building in the future. They could have just run a line across the road from the pole and put a box on the other side of the road