Service Magic Inspections

I just received a call from Service Magic, they said they are calling because they work together with INACHI. Is this true or did the guy just decide to mix up the words so it sounded like that? (another list sold to another company)
Has anyone joined Service Magic and if so has it been profitable? or just another referral program company. The start fee for INACHI members is $49.00

They say the per lead charge is $12 & $18


I think its a nice resource, however, i have only recieved two leads so far since joining a few months ago. the problem is that when some one makes a mistake and doesnt know what they are looking for, or what you do, you will get charged anyway. they need to clarify the services and make them fool proof.

Im listed as licensed for Radon Measurement, but i got a lead for a person who wanted mitigation and did not fully understand why i could not remove radon from his home.

After adding ‘roof inspection’ to my list of services i got a lead for someone who wanted ther roof replaced.

so far i spent 24 bucks to educate two people…

We became a member two years ago and we had 11 leads of those only one resulted in a booking. These people do not screen out the leads so you get charge for any contact regarles. We no longer engaged. Waist of money and time.
**My recommendation is; stay away from them.:mrgreen: **


Exactly, I get a lot of price shoppers. You don’t get refunds forbad customers, just inaccurate leads.


So far good info guys

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