Service Magic, now Home Advisor

We used to be with a company called Service Magic to receive leads on various projects in our area. Like any lead-generating service, this was very hit and miss quite often. However, we did close about 60% of the actual leads given. We left them while they were still Service Magic as a result of some billing issues I was not going to back down on. Now, they are called Home Advisor and are wanting us back. Whether we go back or not is obviously my problem and decision. However, with a forum such as this the opportunity for networking is endless. So, I would like to know if anyone else uses or has used this service and your experience with it. Also, if you have a different service in mind please let me know. Sincerely, Zeke Z. Zelch

its been discussed here several times. General consensus is that it works well in some areas and not in others. I recently signed up and have had decent success. I don’t think it would be worthy in a large market area such as a large city as there is far too much competition and leads are shared with anyone that joins. Give it a try - you can quit anytime. it may work for you.

Several times ?

Try closer to 30-40.

I know a few guys that use them and they seem to need them during slow times however with the market the way it is I do not understand the need to encourage bottom feeders and middle men.

Many times they send out more bid requests than claimed and then charge for nothing by sucking out of your Bank Account from what I hear.

The last thing I personally want to do is be a low bidder while harming the industry fee schedule at the same time.

I guess having them occasionally screw you is just reward.

Good luck with that.

Plus, it’s not “Council of Men” approved is it Bob

I shalt consult with the high council and get back on that.
Seems there is much stirring within that has drawn attention of the “The Men”