Service Magic?

Does anyone know anything about Service Magic or has anyone used them for referrals?

Oh, please, no . . .

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I’ll be visiting my Mom in Cumming next week, if you want to take a ride down . . .

How is it going up there, my parents live on mobile rd in McCaysville, house has been on the market for over a year now. My Grandfather worked as an electrical engineer at CopperHill.:smiley:
I have had good luck with Service magic, the trick is to call ASAP, I get a fax, a phone call and an email, when a lead comes in, and it’s fast too. There was one client were the wife was on the computer setting up the call, unbeknownest to the husband. I get the call and return it, the husband answers and has no clue as to why I would be calling him, just then the wife comes in and tells him what she had done. Turned out to be one of my best clients.
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Exactly. You have to act quick. I usually respond to a ext message. Call quickly, and sell your services. This week I received one. Customer didn’t answer the phone. I left a message and stated they will receive 2-3 calls and please to please call back so I can make sure they receive the best services. They usually do and I booked the inspection. If you wait too long to call, someone else surely booked it. On a negative point. I received a lead 2 weeks ago but the customer was looking for an expert witness HVAC install. I requested a lead replacement.

Do a search on ServiceMagic and you will find several threads on it. I’ve had bad luck as have many, then there are those who have had good luck.

Hopefully your situation will be better then mine was!

Good Luck & Happy Holidays All!

Small world! Well I guess you know how pretty it is here…trouble is real estate is very slow right now. As you know this is mostly a second home market. One reason the house has been on the market a while. Hey maybe you need a “moveincertified” inspection. Hehe! Actually things were picking up a little during the fall, so I’m hoping the spring will be good. We do well when Florida does well.
**Anyway thank you for your help on Service Magic…the more I read the more I think it could be a good thing if you stay absolutely on top of it every minute. Sounds like me! I’m gonna give it a try. Thanks Again!:mrgreen: **



I have never used them but the have called me 3 times in the last month. They must be having a membership drive.

I have signed up and received an average amount of business. The key is to call the potential client right away. Can’t say it is a great service, but I have some business from them that I normally wouldn’t of had. Good customer service I have found if the lead is bogus or not up your alley.

Everyone’s results will vary of course.