Service Master

*Has anyone been contacted by or may be using a Company called Service Master to provide leads for their business? I have had a gentleman calling me .I’m sure it’s like any other deal.I just wanted to know if anyone has used them.Thanks JC *

Isn’t Service Master an affiliate company of Amerispec?

Yes, and they also own terminex. I don’t think it benefits a independent inspector by linking with these companies, including, but not limited to ProInspect. They give you a recipricol link (5) clicks from their home page, while our links draw traffic and an improved ranking for their franchise inspection firms.

I’m independent, and I’m looking for ways to combat the large franchise companies, not help them take food off my table.

Well,thats what I thought.Thanks

Are you sure it was service master and not servcie magic?
I have used service magic for a number of years and get a lot of work thru them(you have to answer the phone first).
They do send the same info to mulit. contractors at the same time.:smiley:

John, et al:

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10’ barge poll!

The best advice I have read all day!

Yes ,it was Service Magic.I don’t know where I got service master.I’ll check into them.It seems that with the filters they installed in their questionair it discards the goonies who are just price shopping or looking.Thanks JC

Ahhhhh… well that changes things then. :slight_smile:

I tried Service Magic for about 9 months, got 2 leads total.

I have had 4 inspections in the last 3 weeks though Service Magic, all thogh I had none in the 10 months before that

Service Magic is an internet marketing/referral company. Service Master is a large conglomerate that owns different real estate related service firms, including Amerispec.

They also own American Home Shield, which I never refer…

I booked an inspection thru servicemagic while at the FEMA class yesterday and have two other possible leads, all while sitting in a class to learn how to make more $.:smiley:

Nice Truck

Thanks Bruce, was that your silver truck. I another inspection next week through service magic

I bought the truck while on disaster duty in Texas.I had it painted to match my old ‘73 shovelhead harley.My scooter is ol’ yeller 1,and the truck is ol’ yeller 2. I just signed up with Service Magic last night.I will give them a try and see how it works for me.Thanks for the feedback.