Service panel damage

Saw this yesterday in a service panel. Looks like they nicked the wire and spliced and taped the wires. You can see the burn mark on the panel. The realtor got angry because I recommended an electrician. What would you do?



Does anything look faulty? Dangerous? Then this might just be cosmetic.

Scotchbrite maybe? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?


Possible damage at the neutral with black tape adjacent to same. If the underlying insulation is damaged, a proper splice repair to remove the damaged material would be in order. It’s the same type of problem that occurs when messing with the dead front covers on FPE service panels. I’ve had to call a sparky on multiple occasions to repair an arch damaged conductor with regard to same.

Not only should those two taped wires be properly repaired, the Electrician should strip the insulation jacket off that romex also.

Report visible condtions and recommend sparky repair. This is one rare case where I might recommend further review to determine non visible damage in the box