Service Panel Disconnect

Inspected a condo that had 100amp Cutler Hammer panel.There was no single disconnect nor could you deactivate the panel in 6 hand movements. Condo is 3 years old and the signed off electrical inspection stickers are still present. Is there any reason this should not be written up?
This is in a garage in a adjoining wall to a kitchen. There is firewall protection on this wall but the electrical panel compromises this. Also the drywall is not finished no tape or mud. Is this (not being finished) an issue for the firewall protection?
And last the door that you enter the garage from the kitchen is a steel door but not a self closing door. There is a self closing screen door attached to the jamb. Shouldn’t the fire rated door be a self closing door?
Thanks in advance

  1. no visible way of shutting down the system, either by a single disconnect or less than 6 movements should be documented on the report.
  2. if there are gaps, spaces, whatever in the unfinished drywall that would in effect, compromise that wall and allow fire to pass through it in less than the rated time, then yes, that should be noted as well.
  3. The steel door must self-close. Unless the screen door is fire-rated also, which is doubtful, than the steel door must auto-close. Also helps alleivate any fumes from entering the house which the screen door most likely would not do.


I agree with you on # 2 and #3. On #1 there may be a main meter room for the condo where you will find the service disconnect. I would check this out before writing it up.


Agreed. The condo part slipped my mind when i was answering…thinking it was a single family.