Service Panel Ground

I saw this service panel and was wonder if this is an acceptable grounding practice. I didn’t think it was. There is a metal clamp on the outside of the SP that is fastened to the sided of the SP. The ground wire is attached to the bottom of the clamp and goes from the SP to a cable box for grounding using the green screw.

You got it backwards. It is the cable box that is being grounded to the panel. In my area, this is not allowed. Cable and telephone must be on a separate ground rod from the home system (but may share with each other).

I don’t know about that device in particular, but there are listed devices that clamp to the panel or meter for intersystem bonding.

Intersystem bonding is when you bond the telephone, cable etc to the electrical ground.

That panel is painted though. It can’t be painted where the intersystem bonding device attaches to it.

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Thanks for your response. Yes I did have it backwards, just haven’t run across a ground strap like this one before.
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Thanks Juan for this information.

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Thank you for this information.