service panel issue

Hey folks, I’m troubleshooting a 200amp CH panel and have founbd that everyother breaker on both busses is reading 0 on my multimeter. This is occuring on both single pole and two pole breakers -so for instance, the HW heater is only recieving 120v from half of the two pole breaker. Has anyone seen this condition?


Yes you’ve lost one “phase”.

If you are PHASED, DAZED and CONFUSED I recommend you not be doing this to the panel and call a Professional.

Thanks, guys. At this point I’ll be calling someone out to take a look. In the meantime, for my own curiosity, any thoughts on a possible cause? Perhaps the meter or service panel is at fault?

One of the hot legs in the panel is missing voltage. This may be a power company issue. The incoming lugs would need to be checked to narrow this down.