Service Panel leads

I have a couple of questions about the attached panel photo:

  1. It seems that there are three breakers that would turn off the power to this service panel. (Is that true?) But, it seems that a subpanel is tapped into the service lines before the breakers. If this is true, then the breakers on this panel would not turn off the subpanel power, right?
  2. If this is true, is this an accepted practice?

I would appreciate any input that would help me understand. Thanks

No it not Ok and needs upgrading by an electrician .
Yes that means they not being disconected .
These are called double taps and needed repairing
I see no grounds ,is this panel wired with Conduit ( are you in Chicago?)
Panel is very crowded and I expect there are things wrong that I can not see . … Roy

Thanks very much. Yes, I saw another double tap on a 15am circuit breaker. There was a large gauge wire that came from the ground and goes up and disappears in a conduit into the ceiling. I could not follow or determine where it lead but I am assuming that it must be ground. Does anyone have tips on where I could look? I looked at the water meter and saw no ground. Much of the water line is hidden in a covered ceiling in the basement.

Thanks again for your help


Absolutely wrong. Also looks like the feed wires are aluminum. If the AC lines are copper they could fuse together. You either had a lazy electrician or the box is too small and needs to be upgraded.

I see you are Not a member of NACHI but are listed on your web site as being a member .
Is that an error

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