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I spotted several areas of concern with this panel.

1. Breakers and panel cover mismatched brands. (Square D Panel and FPE Breakers)
2. Open Knock outs.
3. Area of the exterior panel cover was cut away around the main electrical shut off, exposing the interior of the panel.

Given that this was an altered panel and Federal Pacific Electric breakers were installed I had an uneasy feeling. I decided not to remove the front cover, who knew what else was lurking behind it. I recommended the entire assembly be evaluated immediately by a licensed electrician, citing my areas of concern.

I received a call back a while later requesting I stop back out to recheck the electrical panel. When I arrived an electrician was on site and in the process of completing necessary corrective actions (replacement of the electrical service panel, enclosure, and all breakers) The old panel and breakers had already been removed and were on the floor. I snapped a photo of the removed panel enclosure.

The previous owner had installed new vinyl siding recently and the panel was installed inside the home on an exterior wall.

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Sounds like it was a smart move not to remove the panel cover … eusa_clap.gif

FPE breakers in a SQD panel, eh ... hmmmm ... one way so solve nuisance trips ...

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