Service panel ?

Unable to take panel cover due to kitchen cabinets built around panel. Question: Does this type panel have fuses? House built in 1950s





Maybe…it could be main lug only if there is a disconnect upstream. That pull out disconnect may have cartridge fuses behind it or it may not. Usually, the info on the cover of the panel will indicate.



Likely a 60 amp panel with 2 60 amp pull out fuze blocks (for range and drier) and 4 15 amp branch fuzes…for the branch wiring. Typically, the branch wiring was 14 gauge so watch for over-fusing. In your case, you can’t say much other than it’s a fixed panel.

Fused main, with standard branch circuit breakers. The panel looks to be GE, or at least the breakers.

The kitchen cabinets around the panel are both a working space violation and may make the panel un-accessible during an emergency.

Please review the OP pics again.

I think you missed something.

You are welcome


This panel has breakers but the service disconnect is a pull out block with fuses.

That panel may be up to a 200 amp panel. You would need to pull out the main fuse holder at the top and also verify the wiring size.