Service panels. How to report this one?

Refer that rusty heap to a licensed electrical contractor and run don’t walk.

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Well, inspect them and report what you find. :thinking:


I definitely agree.
Could I get your opinion of what you see wrong?

What is the building used for?

Single bay car wash and auto detail shop with 2 rental units above the shop. Pressure washing cars literally 6 ft. from those panels in picture.

So it looks like you’ve got a panel for the shop, 2 disconnects on the left each feeding subpanel in the the rentals above. There is a number of things going on… why are you inspecting this?

This was one of my mock inspections for certification.

Service panels. How to report this one?

Yes, inspect them and report what you find…as David said…IMHO

Unfortunately this is typical in many small industrial buildings.
Is that an LBJ sticker on one?? :rofl:

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HAHA :joy: :joy:

It could be Long Beach Island…

Should those conductors above the panel be in a conduit. ???

What does the NACHI electrical course say about SE and NM cables?

I have to go back and look, but I think they do. I just like things neat. I know it’s not my place to revise code but that car wash equipment could break and fall on the conductors, maybe cause a catastrophe. IDK. JZ

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The SE cables are strapped properly but I believe the NM cables need to strapped outside of the panels within 12 in.

I would not consider them subject to damage to require a means of protection.

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