Service Provider Obligations

As providers of a service that requires us to enter people’s homes, I am sure we have all come across living conditions that are a cause for concern. I recently did an inspection that made me stop in my tracks. Once I completed the inspection I called several charitable organizations to make a request for help on behalf of the resident.

Not to go into too much detail, but this was an elderly man (late 80’s) who recently lost his wife to cancer. The house was built in 1920 and was literally falling apart around him. He spent his life savings on his wife’s health care and doesn’t have the physical ability or funds to fix anything. His living conditions were pathetic with no way to cook food other than a hot plate because none of the appliances were working.

I’m not asking for any help in this case. We have gotten many organizations involved and we are all in the process of helping him. What I was wondering is if anyone knows of a one stop list that we (inspectors) can go to when we come across a real serious situation. I have searched with no luck so I decided to start my own list (currently specific to Brevard County) and would appreciate any input. I would also like to expand it to a state-wide county-by-county list for all of Florida. Once the list is complete, I will post it for all to use.

Given that we live and work in Florida, we deal with the elderly on a daily basis and have an obligation to act when the situation calls for it. With the current state of the economy, I expect to be seeing this more frequently and now is the time to pool our resources (Meals on Wheels, Senior Well Checks etc).

Please email any input to and let me know what area (county) to list it under.

David Linehan
Merritt Island, FL

This is a new service up in our area but I understand it is available in many other state/areas:

North Port: Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels National Org/Find Service:

American Elder Care:

Hospice, Sarasota :

Florida Dept of Elder Affairs:

That sucks If you ever do get a total list together please post it.

Thanks for caring.
Most don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. “other people not us fine inspectors :)”

It’s definitely a systemic problem with the elderly population growing as it is. I’ve run across similar situations before and had the same thoughts run through my mind and not many answers of who or where to turn for help. A real life tragedy that should not exist in today’s day and age. Thanks for sharing the story and thanks for the resources posted as well.


Bert - that is exactly what brought about my desire to create a list. I wasn’t sure where to turn or who to call. I’m hoping other inspectors will use the listing and not be in that situation. You are right - it’s sad that such a list is even needed.

Thanks to all who have responded - the list is growing. Hope to have enough to publish in the next week or so.

What a great idea! I do not have any added info but you have ignited a trane of thought that could only do good.