Service shut off switch?

I don’t think I have had one yet where removing the panel door killed the thermostat. But I’m positive I haven’t been exposed to as many as you, lol. And for full disclosure, I don’t always use the steps I outlined above. Depending on circumstances, if it saves me a trip up/down the stairs I may do things in a different order. I mean I can use the exercise but sometimes it’s ridiculous, lol.

I want to see the entire burner operate, so I will – knowingly – bypass the safety switch with all the covers open (burner and blower), for a better view, and to better hear any weird sounds.

I know perfectly well the dangers which I accept. At the same time I wish to be on the record as saying for others don’t run with scissors. :slight_smile:


Jogging okay?.. :crazy_face:

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Had one not long ago would light, burn for 5 seconds, go out. After a suitable interval it would light, burn for 5 seconds, go out. Agent thought it was a big deal but I’m sure it was simply a dirty flame sensor. It’s a good idea for new inspectors to take the covers off their own furnace and watch the start up sequence.