service upgrade

Sometimes on the recommendation of others some people will take matters in their own hands.

This old house needed a service upgrade and the heating system needed to be upgraded. The homeowner did the electrical upgrade himself but hired a heating contractor to change out the heating system. It was the HVAC contractor that bought a permit and got the inspection department involved thank you Mel for these great pictures.

Notice in the first picture the panel cover as it will tell you this is a flush mount panel.

In this second picture the depth of the mechanical room can be determined. Also notice the service riser, it was not changed.

Well at least the fellow was trying to bring the house up to today’s standards.


He needs a bigger door :wink:

If the door is 32x80 he would be “hold your nose legal” if it opens all the way.
How about derating all that wire in the 2" raceway?
That and the SE being too small would be my biggest concerns.

Looking at a zoomed in picture, that 2" is pretty ugly where it comes in (not the right angle) so he would be a whole lotbetter off just pulling it out and running a few more smurfs down to the old panel. (I assume that is where it goes). Then he could get under 9 CCCs in each… Then schedule the PoCo to come out and connect the new SE.