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Kirsten Whipple


Hoffman Estates, Ill. (June 29, 2009) – A new online services marketplace from Sears Holdings could be the key to growing your business. is the only online marketplace for one-stop, hassle-free home improvements and repairs. By leveraging successful concepts from online auction sites, has created a platform designed to improve the home services experience for both consumers and service providers.

Now, when consumers need a home inspection, they can simply log onto to find pros, describe their project, post a service order, and pay.

When placing their service orders online, customers describe the projects they need completed, upload photos or manuals and name the time and price they prefer – a feature unique to Service providers – which range from electricians to HVAC professionals to general handymen and everything in-between, can decide whether or not to accept the service orders based on the price offered, and time requested. is a simple and effective way for providers to stay busier, without having to spend money on marketing,” said George Coll, president of “We’re continuing to grow, so more and more opportunities will be popping up. Furthermore, levels the playing field for providers. You win business based on skills and ratings, not on how much they’re willing to pay for yellow page ads, lead generation fees and other marketing efforts.” is not a franchise opportunity, nor is it a paid lead generation site. There’s no fee to join or to start receiving leads – providers only pay 10 percent of every completed service order amount, which is assessed to cover the cost of transactions in the marketplace. There’s nothing for service providers to lose and lots of business to gain – without using already tight advertising budgets!

To join, service providers can simply register at and fill out a provider profile. Once registered, pays for all providers to receive a criminal, vehicle and civil background check. Once the background check is passed and the profile is posted, providers can start to reap the benefits of

Provider skill sets will be matched to customer requests, enabling providers to take on as little or as much additional work as they want, without wasting time on estimate trips. Providers receive online exposure – even for those without Web sites – and can start building a positive online reputation through a customer rating system. Additionally, providers are paid immediately upon successful completion of a service order, so there are no slow accounts payable to hold up payment. All service orders are managed through a sophisticated, easy-to-use, online platform from service order posting all the way through to payment and rating.

“I’m really excited about the potential of,” said service provider Broderick Allen. “The platform is just getting up and rolling, and we’re already seeing good job opportunities to help fill out our schedule – and we didn’t pay a thing to generate that business. I think the opportunities in 2009 will be tremendous.”

For more information, please visit or call 888-549-0640.


Hmmm. So the client says: “Here’s what I want, and here’s what I’ll pay.”

I think I prefer the other way around, where I say: “Here’s what I offer, and here’s what I charge.”

I’ll pass for now.

What he said^^

What are the chances that the situation/job outlined my the homeowner is even close to the actual situation. I give it about 30% - 40% they have an accurate description (judging from past clients)

Sounds like a Service magic relative.
Please do not promote this stuff Nick.

We don’t pre-judge anything… but you can find it all here first and decide for yourself whether you want it or not.
InterNACHI… the all-you-can-eat buffet of the inspection industry.*

My opinion is based on not liking anything that drives Inspection fees down to where we do not make enough income to pay our NACHI dues.:slight_smile:

Imagine people bidding on Surgery.

At least Service Magic does not promote to the consumer that the lowest priced inspector is the best deal.

…and Servicelive gets 10% of what is left over. is free and seems to do the same thing.

Sounds like a great tool for the low ballers. The low balling is done for them.