Session Code

I took the Inspector Exam for this year again and for some reason I can’t find the page to enter my Unique Session Code.

A little help here would be appreciated.

Thanks! :smiley:


Sign into Members only…
Click the “add to continuing education log”…
Click “add credits”…
First line allows you to enter your code.


I think it is automatically recorded Scott.

It gives me an error when I do it that way.

MDB2 Error: constraint violation - _doquery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: REPLACE INTO educationCredits (userId, instanceId) VALUES (6494, NULL)] [Native code: 1048] [Native message: Column ‘instanceId’ cannot be null]

Any other suggestions?

Mike, the page prior to the beginning of the exam instructs the exam taker to return to that page to enter the code. The system may auto-record, but not sure. I guess Scott could check his log to find out. Jeff

The Online Exam doesn’t show up in the
log. Only the courses.

I just checked and mine auto recorded when I took the NACHI exam a few days ago.

I never had to enter the session code.

Go to exam scores link

But it does show up on my Exam Session page.

It is automatically recorded. Thanks Guys!

Correct. An exam is not a course and so is not continuing education.

But you still access the Exam Session page through the Continuing Education link.