What is going on here!

Wow, I have seen some floor lift on new homes, but only an inch or so. Never this much.

Built in 1968. It has some wall conditions also.

Fill us in on what your pictures show, Buck.

Is that shimming on top of the posts under the beam?

It is a little hard to discern from Michigan. :smiley:

Needs an eval by a specialist… Could be soil related, could be purely structural, may be drainage.

(heck it may even be fossilized baby wipe in the Septic)

Metal shims under three of the supports. Treated landscape timber under the other. Major cracks in basement floors and walls. Approx. 2 inch gap under interior wall. I refer to a SE.

Ah, yes…odd looking metal supports. They appear on edge.

Thank you.

They were. They were “U” shaped.

looks like a crappy install