Several houses one inspection

Good evening everyone! I am wondering if I need to have a separate agreement if I am inspecting 3 separate homes on one piece of land for one client on the same day? They all have the same address. and I plan on doing separate reports for each house. Your input is appreciated.

Larry, even though they have the same address, I would probably do, as you, three separate reports and agreements…to make it easily followed and smooth.

Make sure they are easily identified individually.

I think your client will appreciate the ease of following the defects that go along with each house, also. JMHO…YMMV


How would one differentiate the houses in the agreements? Since they have the same address. I was thinking of numbering each house with a unit number.

If they have the same address, then it’s no different than inspecting a 3 unit building.

1 Inspection agreement would be fine.


If all three buildings are considered to be one property address, then one agreement could work. Each report will have a photo of the building inspected I assume.


That would work. And I’ve done color before, if possible.

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Thank You all for the information and input it is greatly appreciated.


If you guys are doing a multi-family unit, like a duplex, do you do one separate report per unit, or do you do just one report and indicate each like Kitchen A, Kitchen B, Bedroom A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, etc?

Also, how do you price them? I have been just adding like $100-$150 to my normal price only because it will take me usually an extra hour to inspect both units and another extra time to complete the report.