Sewage pump into cesspool

Today I came across a sewage ejector pump for basement toilet,sink,shower that had waste line directly through the foundation out to the nearby cesspool. The main house waste pipe and trap was about 5 feet away, not sure why they didnt connect into it. Can a sewage ejector pump waste pipe directly hook up into the cesspool ? Never saw this type of hook up - figured it needs to be Before the house main trap. It did have a Check Valve on the ejector pump waste line

Similar to this…maybe. A single tank…probably not. But, I’m no expert in cesspools. Your local Health Department probably is though.

Gave them a call. Said it needs a trap before goin into cesspool. And it doesnt, go figure

If the ejector pump is in sealed and vented pit why would it need a trap? all contents going into pit to be pumped have passed through traps on fixtures , no way for sewage gasses to enter home.

Not sure but he said must be a trap for any line going into the cesspool. Why does a house trap be needed if all individual fixtures. Thats why iasked a plumber. Plus its odd that every pump i have ever seen is connected into the main sewer line. Let another plumber say its OK.

Since none of us can answer your question without having a look at it, your best bet would be to call a cesspool drainage company and schedule a free inspection with them. Depending on what they find you may be quoted to have it resolved.