Sewer line, clean out DIY

ok cool, just a few thoughts lol caption in part says they are putting in a sewer line and clean out.Nothing about ‘waterproofing’ the ext of wall.

a) so if one is going to have a trencher etc and their gonna dig up this much along the foundation wall, if it were my house i’d waterproof the wall from the porch to the corner whether it needed it or not, one is already making a mess and it’s mostly dug out already so, why not

b) piling soil (added weight) along-on an open trench can cause a cave-in so, just a heads up

c) 26:05 mark, you really need to strap on some rubber gloves and slap on a lot more hydraulic cement TIGHTLY around the pipe/wall so it doesn’t leak in future and i’d have also applied thick mastic over the hyd-cement and visqueen… do not want to go through this sht again, right? lol

where i’m at, the cities want a permit pulled, inspection done for this

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