Sewer system headache for seller

Looking for input from sewer inspectors (I am not) who have run into similar problems. Scenario is my daughter and hubby sold their house last winter but as really dumb luck would have it the sewer backed up right on the verge of closing (has worked fine for family of five for five years) and we found the float switch to be pooped out so lift station not working, so replaced switch but now due to no activity drainage field frozen somewhere so now buyers freaked and demanded 10,000 escrow put aside to bring system to ‘working properly’ (contract language) . drain pipe had also become plugged and that was roto’d out. so realty co paid to pump lift container until the ground thawed. well now ground thawed and we go to check and stood for an hour to fill enough to trip the switch…but it goes down very slowly, almost unperceptively. perchance i had seen previously that the pump came unhooked and was blasting water against the side of the tank quite vigorously however people (including the current inspector who was there, we have had three) said ‘i would just try a pump first and if that doesnt work, try the next thing’…but thats 400 bucks if its not the problem. daughter needs that moola for downpayment. there is no agreement to upgrade the system or make it ‘work like new’ just to ‘work properly’…later in the first conversation with first inspector, the buyer said they had ‘left the system on for the last three weeks’ because someone said see if it works. well my idea is where did the water go? last inspector there said ‘the pump works but slowly’ and he said he wouldnt just put in a pump because it might be something else and should check for pipe clog first and unhook pump to see how it works. i am afraid the buyers are just now going to go all out to grab the ten thousand and put in a new system. now everybody is angry and its a mess and im sure no inspectors want to get involved and sign their name to much and im wondering who has the authority to say ‘its working…maybe not like new, but its working’ and end it.
now im starting to think it may be working just not ideally…my idea is measure the level and wait for a couple weeks and then see if it is pumping out, but buyer is freaked and on a roll now and is looking for new stuff. if it would have been found before it became an issue and was brought to light, probably wouldve been passed and no problem. m two inspectors have said ‘it is in compliance, could use some work but it is in compliance’
has anyone run into a similar problem and seen it resolved?
hopefully thanks…mike in MN

Michael; I would offer an opinion if I could understand what your talking about.
Your rambling post is confusing.
Try some sentence breaks and stay on point.