I really enjoyed the presentation on Sewer Scan on Tuesday night at the Ontario event. I am curious what your thoughts are?

Is anyone currently providing this or a similar service? Is anyone thinking of jumping in and adding this to their services?

I really enjoyed the presentation as well. A few years ago, my mom bought a home and a year later had plumbing issues. It turned out tree roots were breaking through the pipes and causing a blockage. The work that needed to be done cost a lot of money but her insurance covered most it. But the work did put them out of the house for a week which is a huge inconvenience. After seeing the presentation on Tuesday and knowing the affects of what can happen, I am definitely looking into adding this as a service.

One might have to get a plumbing license here in California.

Looks like a nice profitable service to offer, but it’s about a $7500 investment. Check out this guys website.David He was there, and he’s offering this service. He’s also charging extra for a drone roof inspection.

The $7500 did get me second thinking. I can’t see charging money just for a drone roof inspection. Now on the roof of course is different.

The up charge for a drone roof inspection struck me as odd also. I guess some roofs are inaccessible. If he can do it, more power to him.

My major concerns is I’m not into up selling on the job.

I’m not a used car salesman who’s going to get to the home and start looking around for what extra fees I can charge; if I say I’m showing up at a certain price, that’s what I’m doing.

So fine, I can potentially book the sewer scan in advance or not. But if I get there and the clean out is an older cast iron, there is too much risk in breaking open. So if I say I’m going to do the scan, but I can’t, then I’m letting the client down.

So I need to work that aspect out before I think of investing in more equipment.

I did ask the presenter about it, and he kind of blew off my question.

I am wondering about the legal aspect.

Can not in my Universe imagine being dumb enough to waste TIME] rodding out someones sewer when I can be out doing a actual inspection.

Cracked covers run to hardware ] blockage / … you repairing ?.

Maybe fix the shingles as well and any leaky pipes…At what point do you stop being the Inspector and become a liable Contractor?

Just because Cornball speakers on podiums claim to be rich from doing goofy stuff does not mean to say Bahhhh}

They are rich from giving advice to make cash off you or they would have no time to tell you about it .
Wake UP !

If you are not making money just looking as a General HI you suck anyway. :slight_smile:

Aux services and gimmicks will not save a sinking ship.

I found a couple of very good videos about septic systems.

Video 1

Video 2

I would love to be there the first time they open a cleanout, and it dumps “crap” all over the place from being backed up!

Talk about ROFLMFAO!!! :lol:

This struck me as odd in his flir7 paragraph…
While other home inspectors are looking at the walls we are looking inside them.

We offer it and its ordered 7 out of every 10 orders on average.