Sex is important during a home inspection.

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It ain’t F Scott Fitgerald but what the hell. I call my blog Home Talk.

I’m having fun with this and hopefully attract some readers who hire me.

Paul nice transition there… Very much thought that home inspectors had enough to think about without bringing sex onto the equation. I do in fact see your reasoning with respect to different expectations amongst men and women. If you have the opportunity to meet everyone then that certainly helps! And if she’s an attractive individual, it doesn’t hurt either.
Nice job. Considering this IR camera and thinking its a good investment. Perhaps more to help substantiate any issues.

Rick while the IR guys are being caught sleeping here ,everytime I think about getting one am reminded that even moisture meters are not some kind super magic to solve all your doubts about anything.

I see big cracks ,bubbling,rotting,spalling,efflorescence,etc and already something is or is not a problem.

Components not done to specs,loose toilets,bad flashing points all add to knowing no matter what any electronic devise says depending on the weather,conditions,not being used ,protected,hidden,moon out of phase…Okay last one was funny.:slight_smile:

What matters is I am experienced and with experience my reliance on tools for a dog and pony show is becoming less and less.

If its in wrong the laws of physics apply and just because it has not rained or that the ceiling is dry according to a stupid non thinking tool means nothing…IT WILL LEAK and because of that IT IS LEAKING so my report says FIX IT>NOW.Not only when a super special magic camera says so.

Other than that they are fantastic for seeing ceil heat,and missing insulation if you want to get into the governments green thing.

In Chicago they like exposed brick so who am I to say cover it with dry wall and lower your 15 foot loft ceiling with cool exposed beams to save a few bucks.

One of them will be along to yell and belittle …watch.:slight_smile:
After all once you spend time and money you are officially part of a cult.LOL

Sort of like my personal catchphrase…“T and M” as everything is about time and money…whose Time and Money ?

I found what turned out to be a loose shower drain (not secured at install) on a second floor shower, over a kitchen, in new construction. I typically, scan the ceilings after running a shower for this type of thing with my IR camera. Sure enough, there was a wet spot, but the water had not come through the dry wall. I am sure I would have gotten an angry call a week into ownership after this damage would have occurred. It was out of the ordinary, but I never would have found it, until the actual damage happened without the IR. It got fixed and that was that. It is indeed a tool and there is nothing magic about it. It is no different than a moisture meter in many ways and is in others. But, it can certainly assist you in providing a little better, more complete inspection. Do I think that 3 levels of training is necessary to achieve this? No, I think it is an absolute cash grab. But, if you do go this route, find training the best training that makes sense for you and your business and go from there. My 2 cents.

It might turn prospects off. I wouldn’t post it.

It might, it might turn them on also.

Already posted, I want the SEO and run of the mill articles won’t work as well.

There is a reason big companies do it as subliminally rather than in your face. :wink:

LOL Bob Cult? i do not think so, found many problems that would not been seen without thermal , just adding more to a inspection.

What ever you say brainwashed cult boy.

Seriously though you go around looking for stuff past a visual inspection using normal operating controls and human limits with an expensive tool requiring interpretation.
May be they took a bath and spilled water you alarmist… :slight_smile: but you refuse to get on your hands and knees to check dishwasher function and hookup which if done wrong will for sure cause leaks and or health issues?

So… you admit to being the “Grand Pooba” of your own personal Cult.

It is always about T and M unless you include the A.:wink:

I don’t know why I use infrared to find hidden foundation leaks behind finished walls.:stuck_out_tongue:

Trobec IR 009.jpg

Trobec IR 007.jpg

I understand your point and don’t exactly disagree. One option is to write one paragraph articles. People today don’t want to read three pages of technical garb. That’s why Facebook and Twitter are so popular. Make it no more than 3 sentences with a photo.

Good suggestion !

I see big cracks

I think about getting one am reminded that even moisture meters are not some kind super magic to solve all your doubts about anything.

A moisture meter is used to verify the findings of an IR camera…
An IR camera is NOT used to verify the findings of a moisture meter.

Get it?

My client was very happy yesterday as was the seller, IR showed a problem moisture meter confirmed . no visual seen Oh well i guess the beat goes on. Cult boy? lololol i guess i am