Sexual hassrasment

Has any inspector out there ever experienced being harassed by a beautiful sales agent to, well make sure all goes well with inspection?
Not saying anything ever happened, but being swayed by a cute face?
Just an interesting question!

Really Michael :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You’re watching too many videos online.


What music are you going with when you were writing this plot?

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Guess you not as handsome as me

The sound of music armhole

I did have an old army mom staring at my ass while I was up in the attic access doing a wind mit. I know she was staring at my ass because she was screaming about it into the phone with a friend of hers. “You won’t believe the sexy man I have up in my attic. I’m staring at his FINE ASS right NOW!”
Hahahahhahahahaha. It was a total crap show.
When I left she sneered at me and said, “Now Git ur SEXY ASS outta here!”
What a trip.

I remember them fondly, but not using the exact term you do.

:rofl: This is the music he was playing while writing this plot!


No…but one can always hope…

I have an investor client who is a woman in her 60’s. I hadn’t seen her in quite a while when I did another inspection for her. After a few minutes she exclaims, “Damn Lon, I had forgotten how good looking you are!” I said, “Oh Susan, you need me even worse than you thought for this inspection because your eyesight is failing.” We laughed and we inspected the house.


Dear Penthouse forum: You’ll never believe what to me recently while performing a home inspection…

Sounds like someone’s hoping. :man_facepalming: