Shallow well pump on municipal supply

I saw what appeared to be a shallow well pump on what is supposed to be a municipal water supply. Anyone ever run into this. There was a water meter on the property outside near the street. Perhaps its needed to boost pressure?

Typically used for the yard/garden when the home is on municipal supply. If you follow the supply from the pump, you should see a separation of service to prevent cross-contamination if either system gets contaminated.

It is also possible they are amateur ‘Preppers’ and hope to use the well in the event of a Zombie Armageddon!

Thanks Jeffrey. I think they just needed extra pressure after cobbling up a typical bi level into a home above and two apartments on the lower level. It was right after the main line coming in the house and then went right into the water heater from there. First time I’ve seen something lime that on a municipal supply.