Shared Neutrals in Summary?

When you find shared neutrals in an older home do you put the finding in the summary or just in the body of the report? The last couple of times I reported them the realtor call me and said that an electrician said that they were OK and grandfathered in based on the age of the home.

My opinion is of the same as Mr. Evan posted a while back. Can’t say it any better than he did so I will just quote his statement.

“You don’t give a crap whether it met code back in the day or not. Code grandfathering has no relevance to home inspections. It’s only relevant for code enforcement and your inspection has nothing to do with code enforcement. Your inspection has everything to do with the SOP and current accepted practices, both of which dictate that you report it as deficient.” -Chuck Evans


What is wrong with shared neutrals? MWBC’s are still permitted even today, am I missing something maybe lack of handle ties?

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Correct, lack of handle ties. I recommend adding handle ties in my reports.

Yes, report them but the seller will likely do nothing. The NEC does not require them to be added to existing circuits so the electrician was correct.

I mention, but don’t include in summary

I see no reason to mention “shared neutrals” per se. MWBCs are perfectly legitimate as a wiring method. I would mention any deficiencies associated with them. In this case no handle ties - I wouldn’t care if they weren’t required when it was installed and I wouldn’t lose any sleep if no one did anything about it either.

You are welcome to use that verbiage or any derivative you wish and you certainly do not need to credit me for it when you do.

Thank you , duly noted.

For such “minor” defects (not hazardous) I would list it as an informative comment to cover yourself, but not flag it as a defect. Cluttering up the report with a bunch of minor things as a defect only confuses the buyer thinking the home has a ton of defects needing corrected, and pisses off the selling agent, who will stop referring you to their clients. It’s a fine line to list things, but to pick your battles at the same time. It’s not that the issue isn’t important, but can be covered in a softer way, as an improvement. Just a suggestion.

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Thanks, will add Improvement to my narrative.

Is it a code violation? No.

Is it a defect? Yes. You are correct for pointing it out and yes I think that you should put it in the summary.