Shark bite & stainless steel braded supply/"Cros de requin" et raccords tressé acier

This is my “Shark bite” push fit inspection demo to all OACIQ brokers NACHI members and the public

(Ceci fait partie de ma démonstration de la “cros de requin” adressé aux courtiers de L’OACIQ aux membres NACHI et à la population.)

Lightning fast. Won’t let go./ Rapide et ne se détache pas. / Rapido y no se separa.

Copper to poly-B to CPVC to PEX & Super-PEX


Beauchemin, Marc-Andre
Brossard, Quebec, Canada

shark & supply DEMO.jpg

Yeah, I love that stuff, unfortunately I never run across any of it in any of the homes I inspect. Usually they have used that “magic tape” you can buy with a coffee can underneath the joint to catch any dribbles.

You forgot to post that in Swahili, I’m offended. :smiley: