Sharkbite Fittings

So if these fittings do not guarantee electrical conductivity what’s the issue?

Most Gas supplies in Canada are bonded to the water line .
If they use a shark fitting and it does not have a jumper installed then the gas line is not bonded to earth.


OK, so it’s a Canadian thing. :slight_smile:

The NEC does not require an additional bonding to the gas pipe unless it’s CSST and required by the pipe manufacturer.

How is black iron gas pipe grounded in the US?

Just got a reply from Sharkbite


Our SharkBite fittings will not conduct electricity as copper will. The stainless steel teeth and EPDM rubber O-ring compromise this. Please install a jumper if necessary.


Nick Newlin

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Nice to know thanks for the INFO… Roy

It’s grounded by the EGC in the gas appliance that may energize it.

I am glad to see that they responded quickly and honestly.

Hello All,

Well as you know I am going to say something here that is specifically electrical code…and not get into the “what if” situation since I don’t inspect for the future.

  1. The connection to the water pipe system for bonding purposes (we don’t discuss otherwise in this response) as mandated by the NEC is very simple. You connect to the metal water piping system…Done. The plumbing installer is charged with using listed products for the system to which they are installing…even if it is sharkbites. When I look at the cut away of a sharkbite (if metallic and listed for use on metallic, listed by ASTM standards…) I believe it meets code and maintains the integrity of the piping system and I would not dig any deeper into the weeds but that’s my opinion on the electrical side of the exchange.

I saw a comment about water…water is not a factor here as water in itself is an insulator. however, the impurities within the water give is a conductive property so just wanted to make that statement. So no John…the water does not play the role in this beast.