Shawn S

Have fun on the trip :slight_smile:

your not taking it

I passed on it for you :slight_smile: Merry Xmas

I got to see where and when it is

it will all depend, I didn’t read what I was applying for, fast fingers today

let me know if your not taking it.

It goes down the list :slight_smile:

Guess I missed something

John Buckley was under me pass it to him

I cant travel right now, would be nice, Thanks for passing it on to the next one in line, merry Christmas Mike:D

Shawn, if your responding to me, i am out of town that weekend already… I will pass.


Micheal M whats going on with this, Did John Buckley get notified, or did you let Nick know.

They figure it all out. Nicks team are GOOD :slight_smile:

Yes they are, Nick has a wonderful organization. Proud to be a member:D