She just can't keep that pretty foot out of her mouth

Her lack of understanding of this term speaks volumes as to why she has no business in public office.

Do you read what you post?

You keep on typin Mikey I can’t see a thing…you should know that by now.

If you watch the video, she is reading from a teleprompter. You know…that thing she complains about the president using. It goes to show that the words were not “off the cuff” but carefully considered and rehearsed in advance.

You keep Cliff on ignore, too? I think it is becoming quite the trend.

Let’s just hope Boobissimus doesn’t use the occasion of the Memorial for the victims of Left Wing Eliminationist Rhetoric to give a “shout out” to his peeps.

I think he will do the same thing that his predecessor, Clinton, did at a similar gathering when the right wing fringe blew up people in OK City. He will try to urge calm and civility among those who disagree.

As long as he doesn’t give a big “shout out” to his peeps and exploit this outrageous example of Left Wing anger to score cheap political points like Clinton did with the Oklahoma City bombing that was merely one of several atrocities that occurred on his watch.

The OK City terrorist attack was done on the 2nd anniversary and in retaliation for the Janet Reno terrorist attack on women and children at Waco. Both killed innocent women and children and are equally abhorrent. Janet Reno should be executed just like Timothy McVeigh was. *Don’t start no s hit, won’t be no s hit.

We shall certainly see…although I am sure that there will be people on both sides who have already made up their minds as to the “gist” of the speech before a single word of it has been spoken. Don’t you?

I am dead certain that Boobissimus will not “waste this crisis” and deliver a highly predictable partisan diatribe against the “virulent tone” of the “national discourse” to whose virulence he was and continues to be a major contributor.

Of course you are.

The truth about WACO as told by someone n ithe White House.

I am watching Janet Napolitano Eric Holder quote scriptures.
I think I need a barf bag.

What truth John , He said he did not know. ???

Perhaps you may want to look at this John

That is why it took so long for Palin to respond. Even though all she had to do is read the telaprompter, we all know reading is not one of her strong points. Sad but true.

I could have wrote that. :smiley:

I gave up on that “Memorial” when it very early on morphed into a pep rally. Thus, I missed Boobissimus’s oration.

I understand that he wasted no time throwing under the bus all the useful idiots who voted for him, though.

As usual Joe, you understand wrong. :wink:

I detect a pattern. :smiley:

Had you gone to parochial school, you “could have written it.”