She Paid for this

Came across this wiring at an electric water heater, she told me she paid about 250.00 to have it wired up…


Tim, … It appears from the pic that the cable is spliced ? Is it ? It’s obviously missing its BX connector. If I did the inspection, I’d advise her to contact the company who did the installation, … talk to the manager and demand the job be done correctly. She definitely got Ripped Off. The average electrician charges, … what, … $80 per hour ? And she was charged $250 !!! That job should have taken under an hour. Doubt if new cable was ran, since it looks fairly old. It certainly looks like an Uncle Billy Bob job to me. In that case, she may not get her money back and/or the job done correctly ?

*BTW - How does one upload a picture into their post ? I’ve tried clicking on the “Paper Clip” above (which I believe is the file attachment button), but nothing happens. Is that the correct button for attaching pics, or is it just my PC not allowing me to upload ? Hmmmm ? :roll: *

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Look for this in the “advanced” reply option, and click on "manage attachments.

Click on the paper clip or the little picture about three over from the globe with a link of chain (hyperlink).

That’ll open a new window that looks like the first picture.

In that window click the browse button next to the “Upload File from your Computer” find the file. Then click the upload button in that window.

After it uploads, your file name will show. Then click the close the window button. See the second picture.

That brings you back to you post with the uploaded images listed down below. See the third picture. Then just hit “Submit Reply”