This was the exterior supply for the garage and another exterior building. Why would they do it this way?

was this home owner an electrician that had leftover wire he did not know what to do with, looks like it maybe a very rural property. thanks for the pics of what not to do

What, nobody here to help answer your question, surprising? :shock: :roll:

The only “question” is - Why would they do it this way?

The only accurate answer would come from the installer. From anyone else, it would merely be speculation.

What’s so surprising about the lack of response?

Yea, really! It hasn’t even been a day. I just saw the post myself. (BTW, Good answer Jeff.)

The whole drop (though not seen for the feeder),and sub panel need to be redone, but the question was why?

Chris be fair, as you did not answer either.

There is no answer that will be 100 % accurate as it will be speculation.

I believe the thought is people should sit on here 24/7 and answer the questions within seconds of the post…ahhh…not hardly…lol