Shed build...

How to build the Mutha of all sheds!!


I think I inspected one of his houses last week.

There’s a time lapse video of him building the shed later on in the thread.


Do you think a judge could ever convict someone with breaking and entering on a structure like this? Sure, I entered the thing, but the POS was broke way before I arrived.

To enjoy this, you really need to look at all the posts. Best hour spent in the last year. The pictures are great but the first time lapse and music is just perfect.

Direct link:

The book cover is awesome!

Now that is some funny stuff…:lol:

I especially like how he appears to step back every once in a while, and admire his work :smiley:

Watching the back of the van rise up after sheet upon sheet of OSB unloaded was a laugh.

“Please use other door”

Well the blog site is up to 70 pages and they have received 2.5 million views. It has become known as “The Shed of Doom”. International articles and the guy still has no clue. There is also a new video. Enjoy.

For all of those that have joined since June 2013, please enjoy yourself. Follow the link in the OP and have a good time.

This is a story of “The Shed of Doom”. Over 1,200 posts and 4,437,692 views. Don’t drink anything while reading the thread or viewing the pictures or you might lose a keyboard. There are also 2 time lapse videos, both links posted in this thread. The 1st is better than the 2nd.

Merry Christmas.